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Going Green: Moving Toward a Paperless Environment


No Paper, No Problem. . . So how can I go green and move towards a paperless environment?

This is education in the new millennium. Your students are multi-taskers, whose focus should be on 21st Century skills such as collaboration, problem solving and higher order thinking.  Now, you can learn how to join them in their virtual world. The paperless classroom gives teachers the ability to build instruction that intrigues and motivates students to become active learners. This can increase the turn-in rate for activities, improve student achievement while saving the environment by cutting paper use. Join us and see how easy it is to create a paperless classroom that you can have up and running in days.

Essential Question:  In what ways is going paperless more than saving the planet?


Unit Question:  How can we eliminate the hardcopy and find success in a paperless environment?


Content Question:  What role can you play in reducing the amount of paper used in your classroom?


So how can you create a 21st Century Classroom?

Start by becoming familar with 21st Century Tools and skills and infuse them seamlessly in classroom instruction.

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